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Presque ensemble

Presque ensemble

Almost Together recounts with humor, irony, derision and melancholy the adventures of a couple of the year 2000 and paints a portrait of a time where life feels perpetually diluted, a time where really and truly being with another person takes extraordinary effort. And yet, it has never been more urgent to find meaning in one’s life, in one’s relationships and in the world.
Nicolas and Victoire meet on the night of France’s World Cup victory in 1998.   They are children of the Mitterand generation and this fantastic victory is a sign that the world belongs to them. Nicolas and Victoire fall in love.  After their carefree college days, comes their first apartment, their first salary and their first washing machine.  But what was supposed to be a satisfying life doesn’t live up to its promise.  Nothing happens and nothing happens to them.
They are overqualified, underemployed and bored, weighed down by their dwindling feelings for each other and drowning in the burden of habit.  While riding the subway, they dream of the country, trips to foreign places, freedom… If only they could touch something larger than themselves, or even just feel alive.  The arrival of their cat, Ptolemy, will, for a while at least, bring meaning and fulfillment to their lives.

Tout commence le 12 juillet 1998. En pleine finale France-Brésil, Victoire et Nicolas se rencontrent dans un bar à Paris. Ces deux révoltés placides deviennent inséparables et se lancent dans la vie de couple. Mais loin de la passion rêvée, nos héros se retrouvent embarqués dans une odyssée domestique désespérément tranquille...
L'arrivée de Ptolémée, le chat, leur procure un temps le paradis tant souhaité. Mais rien ne dure !
Drôle et mordant, Presque ensemble explore avec brio le sentiment amoureux à l'épreuve du quotidien, ou simplement peut-être de la vie.

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376 pages

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